Online casino Surebets: lesser versus greater security

Surebets: lesser versus greater security

Surebets tutorial

Surebets is the term applied to the concept of safe betting. It is about capitalising on each and every one of the possible variables of a single event. When you come across Surebets: small versus big is not a conflict, because, even if the winnings are not big, you always win… and it is better than losing.

How to achieve the favourable outcome of Surebets

To achieve the favourable outcome of Surebets you have a couple of options that you can implement. Of course you must be clear that the betting world was not designed for endless surebets.

To think or pretend to be fooled by this precept is nonsense. However, it is possible to find a small gap in which the bookmakers in setting the odds miss those opportunities that we can turn into profit.

Betting at various bookmakers


Among the tricks and skills for safe betting is the initiative to bet at various bookmakers. You can place your stake or the amount of your bankroll at two different bookmakers.

In each one you will bet on one of the contenders and that will place you betting on Safe Winner: Safe Bets. Of course, you should first check the odds offered to see if they are favourable.

Betting with the same operator

You will see that it is possible to bet safely on the same operator. This is possible by first checking the odds we mentioned at the beginning. The world of betting is exciting, addictive and pure adrenaline… but paradoxically it requires a calm head and a serene mentality.

With this we also invite you to familiarise yourself little by little with all the terminology that is used in these spheres so that you can quickly get your head around what it is all about. The odds are the parameter that governs how much money can be received according to the stake or the bet placed.

From it we derive the possibilities that can be accessed by applying some simple formulas that can guide our decision as to whether we are certainly playing it safe or not.

How to guide the decision of a safe bet

Surebets tips

All bookmakers and gaming operators set a margin in relation to the bets and winnings that can be generated through them. This is clear in order to strike the necessary balance between profit for them and favour with the punters.

Should it make a difference who would bet only to lose and who could offer his training service as a bookmaker? This margin is known as Spred and represents the profitability pursued by both the bettor and the bookmaker, and it is the basis for how to guide the decision to place a safe bet.

Recognising safe betting formulas

The odds offered by bookmakers should not be overlooked in order to recognise safe betting formulas. Each event or contest to be played out has a bookmaker’s offer that is the attraction for betting on the winner.

You can apply a simple formula to the odds presented by the bookmakers to find out whether or not it represents a safe bet, you will see that it is not complex and is an important tool.

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